Occupational Hygiene

Hygiene Assessments In The Workplace

Occupational hygiene describes the prevention of ill-health in the workplace by managing health risks, for example by controlling worker exposure to harmful substances. Such exposure, both short and long-term, can cause a range of illnesses from allergic reactions, skin or breathing problems, to cancers.

We offer scientific services to help you understand the risks present and solve complex ill-health problems in all workplaces. We specialise in the difficult, hard-to-solve occupational hygiene problems in industries such as food processing, chemicals, manufacturing, transport and waste management.

We have occupational hygiene experts based around the Gauteng, who can be available at short notice to measure and assess exposures in your workplace. Combined with the world-class expertise available in our specialist teams, we can provide an in-depth, holistic approach to your occupational hygiene problems.

We have expert teams in:

Evaluations of exposure to diesel and combustion fumes.
Asbestos assessments.
‘Sick Building' investigations.
Assessing welding, soldering and metal processing exposures.
Carbon monoxide (CO); sulphur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) assessments.
Dust sampling and analysis.
Solvent Exposure Assessments.
Metal fume and particulate sampling.
Quarry exposures - respirable dust and quartz
Acid mists, anions and cations.
Isocyanates, styrene and miscellaneous organic and inorganic contaminants.
Chemical risk assessments.

This allows us to analyse and assess a wide range of harmful exposures, from bacteria, viruses and fungi to allergens and toxins. Further details can be found on our Analytical Services pages.
Our experts are internationally recognised in their fields and have decades of experience of working with HSE and a wide range of companies to prevent ill-health caused by the working environment. This can provide you with practical, tailored solutions to minimise or remove your workplace exposure risks.

We also offer training in a variety of areas to help you control worker exposures.