Workforce Health SA

Specializes in all aspects of Occupational Health, Safety and Environment. The company provides scientifically-tested measures to ensure the Health and Safety of all workers in the workplace in conjunction with the preservation and maintenance of the environment.

Workforce Health SA invests heavily in R & D to initiate innovative programs to identify, evaluate and control health hazards. The purpose of these programs is to prevent disease or injury caused by chemical, physical, radiological, and biological stressors or ergonomic factors that involve the impact of equipment design on a worker’s comfort and efficiency.

Communities throughout the world, including those in Africa and South Africa, desperately need committed Occupational Health and Safety specialists to protect their citizens and the environment, which is under considerable threat due to over harvesting and urban/industrial development.

The current focus of Workforce Health SA is to better equip individuals in terms of ongoing education and practical experience to utilize their expertise in Africa and South Africa, in particular to sustain available freshwater resources that are almost fully utilized and likely to become a major restriction to the future socio-economic development of the continent, both in terms of the amount and quality.


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